Dr Elnaz (Elli) Irannezhad is as a Senior Lecturer of transport in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UNSW. Elli’s research contributes to the advancement of science in cross-disciplinary fields, including logistics, supply chain and freight transportation, agent-based modelling, Mobility and Logistics as a Service, automated vehicles, and blockchain technology. Elli endeavours her research closely with the industry to ensure a good alignment with the real-world needs and industry uptake. Dr Irannezhad has a PhD from the School of Civil Engineering of the University of Queensland (UQ) (2014-2017). Prior to that, she worked in the transport industry as a senior transport engineer in Iran for nine years. She is the project lead for the FFSCRC project ‘Commodity Based Freight Transport Modelling for Food and Agriculture Supply Chain’.

P1-032 Modelling for Food and Ag Supply chain
Project Leader