Australian-first innovation powering jobs at Peel Business Park

The industry-first solution, delivered by a consortium led by Peel Renewable Energy together with Sunrise Energy and Synergy, has created a first-of-its-kind microgrid that brings together a mix of onsite solar generation, battery storage assets and the backing of a small grid connection to deliver cheaper and greener power for businesses at the park.

The microgrid’s battery energy storage system, which will moderate, store and discharge power to businesses through the network, is being installed now for commissioning in March 2021.

Peel Business Park microgrid drone image
This drone image shows the new microgrid being installed onsite at the new Peel Business Park. Credit: Wormall Civil
Once it is up and running, the new microgrid will deliver renewable green power to the Park’s facilities and businesses. Credit: Wormall Civil

Read the media statement here.

Source: Australian-first innovation powering jobs at Peel Business Park I Republished courtesy of Peel Development Commission (PDC), an initiative of the Government of Western Australia