Smart cropping advice: CRC publishes new report for indoor growers

As part of CRC’s Research Program 2: Advanced protected cropping solutions, a suite of reports has been developed by cropping and automation experts at our partner universities to inform growers managing medium and high-tech greenhouse facilities.

‘Smart crop monitoring: Precise phenotyping for improved quality and protected cropping management’ is an overview of the latest ways of monitoring various plant characteristics in crops grown in medium- and high-tech glasshouse and vertical farm facilities.

Co-authored by researchers working at the Western Sydney University’s National Vegetable Protected Cropping Centre and state-of-the-art experimental glasshouse, the ‘Smart crop monitoring’ report investigates tools and technologies deployed by commcrcial growers around the world to monitor and manage key crop attributes including growth, health and yield, and recommends those that are likely to be of most value to Australian growers.

View or download the report pdf.