Supporting Northern Australia’s agricultural and food manufacturing capability

Charles Darwin University (CDU) has been awarded $735,000 to collaborate with local industry and boost manufacturing capability in the agricultural and food industries in Northern Australia, thanks to the Australian Government.

Charles Darwin University Director of Research and Innovation Steve Rogers said the Northern Australia Food Technology Innovation (NAFTI) will develop the food manufacturing capabilities of Northern Australia to drive growth, generate employment and improve the capability of regional food processing.

“CDU will look to establish a food processing facility in the Territory, to process local beef, horticulture and seafood, which would expand the Northern Territory sector and remove the need for food processing to occur in southern parts of Australia,” Mr Rogers said.

“Australia has slipped into levels of food security complacency, this project will help secure food stabilisation in the north and improve food security resilience, including during emergencies.”

Senator for the Northern Territory Dr Sam McMahon welcomed the Government’s research funding investment and said it would help drive growth in the Territory’s key agricultural sector.

“Establishing a Northern Australia food manufacturing capability will help drive primary production sector growth, generate employment opportunities into the future, and contribute to the development of a new industry sector.

Minister for Education and Youth Alan Tudge said the Government’s Strategic University Reform Fund (SURF) will support universities to kick off local projects like this which will help with the practical application of Australia’s world-class research and improve agricultural and food industries locally and across the Northern Territory.

“Industry-university collaboration creates better-skilled graduates and turns research into something tangible that benefits Australians,” Minister Tudge said.

“This project is an outstanding example of the benefits of strong links between universities, industry and the community.”

This article appeared initially on the Charles Darwin University website on 20 September 2021. it has been republished here courtesy of the CDU Media team. View the original article here