Established in July 2019, The Future Food Systems Cooperative Research Centre partners leading Australian universities with industry and government bodies to deliver impactful research in the food systems domain. ‘Future food’ is our shorthand for categories of food that are differentiated by exceptional values for nutrition, environmental sustainability, safety and trust. Not only does Australia have capability to build global market share in these categories, we think consumers are increasingly demanding a future in which the food industry responds to these values. Taking a ‘whole of system’ approach is critical to optimising the environmental and community health outcomes of the food supply chain. The CRC consortium brings together leading experts and laboratories across the many disciplines needed to transform the sector – plant scientists, food scientists, planners, engineers, advanced manufacturing specialists, and medical scientists at the forefront of functional food in clinical settings.

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With support from Horticulture Innovation Australia and Future Food Systems CRC, Murdoch University has commenced a research collaboration that will investigate the microbiomes of healthy and stressed tomatoes, potatoes and avocados. The research team is seeking a highly motivated and enthusiastic early-career researcher to join its team and help develop a new generation of microbiome-based horticultural products for Australian growers.
Postdoctoral Fellow position

Meet @frasertaylor, Director of the @georgeinstitute's awardwinning @foodswitchapp program, helping #consumers globally make healthier in-store choices. Now he’s working with @FutureFoodCRC to do the same 4 catering👩‍🍳🍲😋🌏💚 @FoodSwitchUK @FoodSwitchUSA

Great news 4 @FutureFoodCRC partner @RDAACT: a new $13M #organicwaste #composting facility 4 #Canberra that will cut #waste #emissions by up to 30%🍗🥦🍅🥪🗑️🚜🌱🌏💚@nswcircular @tanya_plibersek @IndustryGovAu @DCCEEW @AusGov @FoodWasteCRC @StopFoodWasteOz

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