Regional food hubs

  • Regional food plans that link growers, manufacturers and service providers in stream lined supply chain for value added goods.
  • Master planned, export-facing  agrifood industrial precincts, linked to freight hubs.
  • Shorter supply chains to reduce costs, improve quality
  • Excellence in urban design, transport planning and logistics
  • New, cross-sectoral business models
  • Identifying optimal regional crops and value adding opportunities
  • Future-ready skills and high value jobs
  • Distinctive regional brands

High tech indoor agriculture

  • Controlling environmental conditions to increase supply consistency
  • Optimising energy, water and other inputs
  • Novel IP to reduce reliance on imported technology
  • Design solutions for urban agriculture and vertical farming
  • New partnerships for growing specialised inputs to value added goods

Adding value

  • Provenance protection from farm to consumer
  • Optimised quality and nutritional outcomes
  • Smart packing, processing and food safety technology
  • Innovation in customized and personalized foods
  • New markets and frictionless trade systems

“Australia will need to be competitive in the global innovation race by scaling up more high-growth industries and companies; commercialising more high-value products and services; fostering great talent; and daring to tackle global challenges”

– Bill Ferris AC, Australia 2030: prosperity through innovation