Peel’s new roadmap for local food and beverage producers

Peel Development Commission has launched a new roadmap to help the region’s food and beverage producers capitalise on market opportunities domestically and overseas.

The Peel region south-west of Perth, Western Australia, is becoming something of a ‘food bowl’ for the state, with a government-led push to promote the area’s premium food and beverage products.

A roadmap developed to help Peel region-based food and beverage producers get more from domestic and export market opportunities was launched this month in Dwellingup, WA.

The Peel Food and Beverage Capability Guide is an interactive tool designed to connect food and beverage suppliers with retailers, buyers, wholesalers, chefs, caterers, tourism operators, regional events and consumers to promote local business,’ stated Peel Development Commission (PDC) in a recent media release.

The Capability Guide resulted from a fruitful collaboration between the WA Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) and Peel DC. It includes details of many individual businesses: information such as product range, sales information, awards and certification, with product categories covering beverages, dairy, eggs, honey, grains and bakery, fresh and value-added horticulture, meat, seafood and aquaculture.

DPIRD development officer Nikki Poulish said the guide was a fantastic tool for local businesses and consumers wanting to explore the wide range of fresh and value-added produce in their own backyard and then source it efficiently.

“Buying high-quality produce that remains fresher for longer, benefits the business by helping to build connections within communities, as well as boost regional economies,” Ms Poulish said.

“Famous for its Blue Manna crabs, Peel is also home to a range of other unique products from seafood in the estuary, to honey and stone fruit in the hills and eggs and beef on the plains.

“Value-added produce offerings also feature the flavours of the region, with preserves, olive oils, wines, beers, ciders breads and bakery items.”

Capability guides are already available for several other WA regions.

The complete set will provide ‘a comprehensive overview of the diverse range of food and beverage products manufactured in regional Western Australia’, states Peel DC.

For copies of the guides, visit the WA Government’s Capability Guides web page.

Source: Peeling back the layers of food and beverage producers in the region I WA DPIRD/Peel Development Commission media release, 2 Nov 2021

Lead image: Caraholly Orchard, Dwellingup, in the Peel region of SW Western Australia. Credit: Lisa Watson Photography, courtesy of Peel Development Commission