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Peter Schutz


Carolyn McNally


Bob Mullins


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Tony Cull


Research & Innovation

Dr James Krahe

Chief Executive Officer

Satish Nair

Chief Operating Officer

Anthony Battaglia

General Manager, FFS

Prof. Cordelia Selomulya

Research & Commercialisation Director

Prof. Douglas Baker

Research Program 1: Program Lead

Dist. Prof. David Tissue

Research Program 2: Program Lead

Prof. Jeremy Nicholson

Research Program 3: Program Lead

Prof. Brian Sindel

Education Director

Dr Mark Limb

Research Program 1: Deputy Lead

David Doepel

Research Program 3: Deputy Lead

Dr Ruey-Leng Loo

Research Program 3: Senior Researcher

Dr Maria Veronica Chandra-Hioe

Research Portfolio Manager

Merran White

Communications Manager

Luke McQuillan

Engagement Manager

William Ngo

Digital Content Manager

Emma Hills

Executive Assistant

Project Leaders

Dr Vipul Agarwal

P1-024 Recycled PET Thermo Packaging

Prof. Ian Anderson

P2-004 Review of current tech in protected cropping; P2-005 Review of advances in sensing technologies; P2-020 Broccolini pathogen management

Prof. Derek Baker

P1-012 NSW farmers survey

Prof. Douglas Baker

P1-001 Global best practice in urban agrifood design and planning; P1-016 Urban Food Planning

Assoc. Prof. Kirsty Bayliss

P2-021 Novel microbiome technologies

Dr Sean Bellairs

P1-003 Commercialisation of native rice for Indigenous enterprise development

Dr Chris Cazzonelli

P2-010 Advancing an acoustic-induced pollination solution for protected cropping

Dr Maria Veronica Chandra-Hioe

P3-001 Primary regulatory control; P3-002 Product design challenges

Assoc. Prof. Rona Chandrawati

P1-020 Methane reduction supplements; P1-025 Colorimetric sensor labels; P1-026 Food traceability QR sensors

Prof. Zhonghua Chen

P2-018 Optimum cooling strategies for vegetable protected cropping; P2-016 Sustainable fertigation

Dr Onoriode Coast

P2-023 Optimising CO₂ in PC Systems

Dr Ozgur Dedehayir

P1-005 Understanding the food innovation ecosystem in Coffs Harbour; P1-019 Coffs Agrifood Living Lab

David Doepel

P3-014 Food Technology Facility

Assoc. Prof. W. Alexander Donald

P3-015 Metabolically engineered yeast

Prof. Marcus Foth

P1-004 New approaches to smart trade hubs proof of concept; P1-014 New approaches for smart trade hubs POC deployment

Prof. Oula Ghannoum

P2-013 Smart glass film impacts on energy use and productivity; P2-014 Smart Crop Monitoring

Dr Ahmed W A Hammad

P1-002 Western Sydney agrifood mapping and analytics

Prof. Hoon Han

P1-015 Towards a smart agribusiness sector in the Namoi, P1-028 Progress toward sustainable floor space mix; P1-036 City resilience planning

Prof. Elaine Holmes

P3-019 Precision Nutrition Strategies

Prof. Wen Hu

P2-001 IoT for indoor cropping

Dr Elnaz Irannezhad

P1-032 Modelling for Food and Ag Supply chain

Prof. Sami Kara

P2-002 Configuration for high-tech urban production systems; P3-003 Manufacturing facility analysis; P1-030 Life cycle sustainability

Prof. Priti Krishna

P2-009 Optimising blueberry fruit nutritional quality

Dr Chris Lehnert

P2-003 Identification of protected cropping systems for robotics; P2-008 Modular vertical growing systems field analysis; P2-017 Task automation in protected cropping systems; P2-022 Banana Dehanding Tech

Prof. Greg Leslie

P2-006 Next-generation protected cropping facilities

Dr Ruey-Leng Loo

P3-006 Bioactive components value-add to Australian artichokes; P3-008 Analytical assessment of food quality systems; P3-026 Effect of consuming inulin-based fibres

Dr Carlos Horacio Luna-Flores

P3-012 New future food protein production

Dr Garth Maker

P3-020 Herbal Weight Loss Supp QA

Prof. Guangzhao Mao

P1-022 Nano sensor tech

Assoc. Prof. Severine Mayere

P1-038 SC+Noosa ecosystem mapping

Prof. Navid Moheimani

P3-021 Cold-plasma treated Spirulina

Dr Sunil Panchal

P2-029 Capsaicinoids characterisation

Dr Ryan Payne

P1-035 NSW hort product consumer attributes

Assoc. Prof. Jonathan Plett

P2-028 Biologically informed Blight Control

Dr Romina Rader

P2-025 Raspberry Pollination

Assoc. Prof. Taha H Rashidi

P1-031 Economic Discrete Choice Modelling

Assoc. Prof. Jason Scott

P1-018 AF Waste CE Framework; P1-029 CEFW transparent packaging

Prof. Cordelia Selomulya

P3-010 Spray-drying Mg for nutraceuticals; P3-011 Improving plant-based food; P3-016 Understanding the 'art' of grain drying; P3-022 Ultrasonic-assisted Maillard conjugation; P3-023 Oil-based extract flavourings

Craig Shephard

P2-015 National map of protected cropping systems; P1-027 Australian Tree Crop Mapping

Dist. Prof. Brajesh Singh

P2-019 Root pathogens in PC

Fraser Taylor

P3-009 FoodSwitch connect

Dr Richard Thomas

P2-009 Optimising blueberry fruit nutritional quality

Dist. Prof. David Tissue

P3-014 Food Technology Facility

Dr Francisco Trujillo

P3-024 Atmospheric freeze dryer

Dr Mitchell Welch

P1-017 Egg QA algorithms

Adam Wilson

P3-005 Truffle cultivation expansion

Dr Gal Winter

P2-007 Microbial rhizosphere diversity in glasshouse hydroponic crops

Prof. Jason Wu

P3-004 Produce Prescription

Prof. Per Zetterlund

P1-023 Sustainable Polymers

Assoc. Prof. Zhanying Zhang

P1-037 Smart Solutions for Mushrooms

PhD students

Natalie Aaron

PhD student

Gehan Abdelghany

PhD student

Yusuf Adewale

PhD student

Kesewa Opoku Agyemang

PhD student

Odgerel Bumandalai

PhD student

Mark Cardamis

PhD student

Emily Davies

PhD student

Dr Ripan Debnath


Angus Dingley

PhD student

Mahesh Galappaththi

PhD student

Kimberley Glover

PhD student

Mazadul Islam

PhD student

Eranda Namal Jayasuriya

PhD student

Sonali Koundal

PhD student

Priyanka Kundu

PhD student

Terry Lin

PhD student

Rishi Ravindra Naik

PhD student

Nikunj Kantibhai Naliyadhara

PhD student

Onyemaechi Henry Obiazikwor

PhD student

Gareema Pandey

PhD student

Md Hasan Sofiur Rahman

PhD student

Hasan Uz Zaman Raihan

PhD student

Charlotte Rowley

PhD student

Sumitra Saha

PhD student

Dr Lijun Summerhayes


Phil Thomas

PhD student

Andrew Tilley

PhD student

Claudia Vacca

PhD student

Amrutha Vijayakumar


Miranda Yang

PhD student

Mursleen Yasin

PhD student

Kezia Yi Ya Hsu

PhD student

Asad Zaman

PhD student

Andong Zhu

PhD student