Research projects

The CRC works to advance the development of sustainable food systems across three overlapping areas:

  • Regional food-industry clusters that support value creation and export growth across the sector
  • New equipment, tools, technology and systems for high-tech protected cropping, designed to suit Australian conditions
  • Food product innovation, including novel formulations, processing and packaging solutions, and technology for establishing provenance and nutritional benefits

Specialised food industry clusters

Realising the unique potential of agrifood regions through:

  • Analysis and pre-feasibility services to guide industry development 
  • Design solutions for sustainable industrial precincts that integrate renewable water, energy and waste technology and reduce infrastructure cost for tenants
  • Supporting government and industry partners in specific regional clusters as they work to build manufacturing capability and connected value chains from farm to consumer.

High-tech controlled-environment production

More resilient, consistent and profitable production through:

  • Partnering engineers with plant scientists to reimagine intensive production systems
  • Applying advanced automation, control and sensing technologies to optimise the productivity of labour, energy, water and other inputs
  • New downstream manufacturing partnerships, including indoor systems for producing specialised inputs for precision nutrition goods.

Value-add and scale in future food segments

Increasing the value-adding capability of the Australian food sector through:

  • Novel formulation and production protocols for manufactured goods to optimise nutritional outcomes 
  • Innovation in specialised segments such as alternative protein goods, free-from foods and precision nutrition products, including those derived from indigenous species 
  • Innovation in food processing, packaging and logistics technology 
  • New science and technology for verifying product claims.