WA Future Food Network launches online platform to help producers forge profitable partnerships

WA Future Food Network (FFN) has successfully delivered a web portal to support any business providing a service or product to Western Australia’s food and beverage industry.

The FFN’s Connectory, launched in January 2022, offers standard and premium listings to firms all along the supply chain.

Tracey Hodgkins, FFN Chair, came up with the idea for the Connectory while working with WA’s flax industry to deliver a value-added product.

“I have worked closely with many local food and beverage businesses, trying to get value-added products into market, and most had no idea what was available to them,” Hodgkins explains. “They often said it was easier to sell their raw produce than to try and source the facilities or products they needed.”

Connecting WA food and beverage supply-chain stakeholders

Enter the Connectory, which helps primary producers from across WA to connect with processors, packaging suppliers, transport and logistics groups, health and safety experts, retailers, marketers, exporters – all the people they might need to get their value-added products to end consumers locally, nationally and globally.

The Connectory also provides its members with data on the facilities available to food and beverage businesses and, arguably more importantly, what is not (yet) available in WA.

A producer-grower group will be formed as the Future Food Network becomes better established.

Free or premium listings

Standard listings on the Connectory are free. In February 2022, FFN launched premium listings, providing additional profile features including:

  • extra image and document uploads;
  • embedded video content; and
  • priority listings, pinned to the top of relevant search pages.

List your business on the FFN Connectory

To sign up for updates and list your business on the Connectory, click here.

Note that WA FFN is offering 50 per cent off premium listings for a limited time: Use code ‘connectorylaunch’ at checkout to get the discount, if still available.

More information

If you have queries about FFN or its Connectory, or want further information, contact WA FFN CEO Hannah Lalor via

About the WA Future Food Network

Established in September 2021, the Future Food Network is the former Peel Hub of Southern Dirt Grower Group. The network aims to become an ‘innovation hub’ for food producers, the state’s entire F&B supply chain, and strategic partners from the private and public sectors including the Future Food Systems CRC, Shire of Murray, WA DPIRD and the new WA Food Innovation Precinct and Food Technology Facility.

The inaugural Future of Food Conference event was held in September 2021 and doubled as the foundation launch event for the network, bringing together stakeholders from across the state, the nation and the world. The international speaker line-up included a number of CRC participants and project team members, and FFN subsequently joined the CRC as a supporting participant.

Lead image: WA Future Food Network’s online Connectory lists food and beverage-sector stakeholders all along the supply chain. Image courtesy of WA Future Food Network