Food Innovation Precinct Western Australia launches

The Food Innovation Precinct Western Australia (FIPWA) is a major state and federal government investment in agrifood innovation for Australia’s largest state.

Shire of Murray partnered with Murdoch University, Spinifex Brewing Co and agrifood-tech firm The GrowHub to form the precinct.

Reflecting the precinct’s significance, its official launch on Friday was conducted by Western Australian Government Minister Jackie Jarvis.

FIPWA, located in the Peel region south of Perth, was conceived as a way to further Peel’s strategic goals to create new industries, more jobs and a better quality of life for its people through innovation.

Its purpose is to deliver socioeconomic transformation by supporting WA agrifood producers and agrifood-tech businesses in growing and scaling towards commercialisation.

FIPWA operations will include commercialising research and development; developing new agrifood technology; and contributing to industry innovation, growth and exports through value-added activities while strengthening the domestic supply chain.

FIPWA incorporates the Food Technology Facility (FTF), a state-of-the-art centre for food-and-beverage product development and processing, is scheduled to open later in 2023. The FTF is central to the Future Food Systems CRC’s flagship ‘Food Technology Facility’ project, involving Murdoch University’s Food Futures Institute and WA DPIRD.

Read more about FIPWA here and here. Read more about the Food Technology Facility, and about the CRC’s Food Technology Facility project and key personnel.

Lead image: A detail of the new Food Innovation Precinct WA. Credit: Shire of Murray