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In the 13 December 2021 episode of popular podcast Lab Notes, UNSW School of Chemical Engineering Professor and the CRC’s Research & Commercialisation, Director Cordelia Selomulya talks candidly with host Dr Leo Stevens. about sustainable, STEM-enabled future food systems and the role research-industry collaboration can play in helping to realise these.

About Prof Cordelia Selomulya

While many of us go through life thinking little about where our food comes from, Professor Cordelia Selomulya has built a career on it. Born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, Dr Selomulya came to Australia initially as an international student.  She aced a chemical engineering degree at University of New South Wales Sydney (UNSW), topping her class and becoming a published scientific author, prior to embarking on her PhD.

A 14-year career at Melbourne’s Monash University followed in which Dr Selomulya’s interest in food science grew. Her research focus translated into working with Australia’s dairy sector to adopt and improve the spray-drying processes underpinning one of the nation’s fastest-growing food export segments.

Since 2019, she has served as the CRC’s Director of Research & Commercialisation, helping Australia rethink the way we grow, process and export a wide variety of food and nutritional products.

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Lead image: Cordelia Selomulya, dairy formulations expert, UNSW Professor of Chemical Engineering and the CRC’s Research & Commercialisation Director. Credit: Monash University