Project Leaders

Dr Vipul Agarwal

P1-024 Recycled PET Thermo Packaging

Prof. Ian Anderson

P2-004 Review of current tech in protected cropping; P2-005 Review of advances in sensing technologies; P2-020 Broccolini pathogen management

Prof. Derek Baker

P1-012 NSW farmers survey

Prof. Douglas Baker

P1-001 Global best practice in urban agrifood design and planning; P1-016 Urban Food Planning

Assoc. Prof. Kirsty Bayliss

P2-021 Novel microbiome technologies

Dr Sean Bellairs

P1-003 Commercialisation of native rice for Indigenous enterprise development

Dr Chris Cazzonelli

P2-010 Advancing an acoustic-induced pollination solution for protected cropping

Dr Maria Veronica Chandra-Hioe

P3-001 Primary regulatory control; P3-002 Product design challenges

Assoc. Prof. Rona Chandrawati

P1-020 Methane reduction supplements; P1-025 Colorimetric sensor labels; P1-026 Food traceability QR sensors

Prof. Zhonghua Chen

P2-018 Optimum cooling strategies for vegetable protected cropping; P2-016 Sustainable fertigation

Dr Onoriode Coast

P2-023 Optimising CO₂ in PC Systems

Dr Ozgur Dedehayir

P1-005 Understanding the food innovation ecosystem in Coffs Harbour; P1-019 Coffs Agrifood Living Lab

David Doepel

P3-014 Food Technology Facility

Assoc. Prof. W. Alexander Donald

P3-015 Metabolically engineered yeast

Prof. Marcus Foth

P1-004 New approaches to smart trade hubs proof of concept; P1-014 New approaches for smart trade hubs POC deployment

Prof. Oula Ghannoum

P2-013 Smart glass film impacts on energy use and productivity; P2-014 Smart Crop Monitoring

Dr Ahmed W A Hammad

P1-002 Western Sydney agrifood mapping and analytics

Prof. Hoon Han

P1-015 Towards a smart agribusiness sector in the Namoi, P1-028 Progress toward sustainable floor space mix; P1-036 City resilience planning

Prof. Elaine Holmes

P3-019 Precision Nutrition Strategies

Prof. Wen Hu

P2-001 IoT for indoor cropping

Dr Elnaz Irannezhad

P1-032 Modelling for Food and Ag Supply chain

Prof. Sami Kara

P2-002 Configuration for high-tech urban production systems; P3-003 Manufacturing facility analysis; P1-030 Life cycle sustainability

Prof. Priti Krishna

P2-009 Optimising blueberry fruit nutritional quality

Dr Chris Lehnert

P2-003 Identification of protected cropping systems for robotics; P2-008 Modular vertical growing systems field analysis; P2-017 Task automation in protected cropping systems; P2-022 Banana Dehanding Tech

Prof. Greg Leslie

P2-006 Next-generation protected cropping facilities

Dr Ruey-Leng Loo

P3-006 Bioactive components value-add to Australian artichokes; P3-008 Analytical assessment of food quality systems; P3-026 Effect of consuming inulin-based fibres

Dr Carlos Horacio Luna-Flores

P3-012 New future food protein production

Dr Garth Maker

P3-020 Herbal Weight Loss Supp QA

Prof. Guangzhao Mao

P1-022 Nano sensor tech

Assoc. Prof. Severine Mayere

P1-038 SC+Noosa ecosystem mapping

Prof. Navid Moheimani

P3-021 Cold-plasma treated Spirulina

Dr Sunil Panchal

P2-029 Capsaicinoids characterisation

Dr Ryan Payne

P1-035 NSW hort product consumer attributes

Assoc. Prof. Jonathan Plett

P2-028 Biologically informed Blight Control

Dr Romina Rader

P2-025 Raspberry Pollination

Assoc. Prof. Taha H Rashidi

P1-031 Economic Discrete Choice Modelling

Assoc. Prof. Jason Scott

P1-018 AF Waste CE Framework; P1-029 CEFW transparent packaging

Prof. Cordelia Selomulya

P3-010 Spray-drying Mg for nutraceuticals; P3-011 Improving plant-based food; P3-016 Understanding the 'art' of grain drying; P3-022 Ultrasonic-assisted Maillard conjugation; P3-023 Oil-based extract flavourings

Craig Shephard

P2-015 National map of protected cropping systems; P1-027 Australian Tree Crop Mapping

Dist. Prof. Brajesh Singh

P2-019 Root pathogens in PC

Fraser Taylor

P3-009 FoodSwitch connect

Dr Richard Thomas

P2-009 Optimising blueberry fruit nutritional quality

Dist. Prof. David Tissue

P3-014 Food Technology Facility

Dr Francisco Trujillo

P3-024 Atmospheric freeze dryer

Dr Mitchell Welch

P1-017 Egg QA algorithms

Adam Wilson

P3-005 Truffle cultivation expansion

Dr Gal Winter

P2-007 Microbial rhizosphere diversity in glasshouse hydroponic crops

Prof. Jason Wu

P3-004 Produce Prescription

Prof. Per Zetterlund

P1-023 Sustainable Polymers

Assoc. Prof. Zhanying Zhang

P1-037 Smart Solutions for Mushrooms