RDA ACT surveys stakeholders to help it develop ‘a resilient, food-secure city’

The Canberra Region Food Collaborative (CRFC), affiliated with Regional Development Australia ACT and identified in the ACT Government Agreement, has potential to directly support the region’s agrifood industry – whether this means businesses or farm enterprises that are producing, making, supplying or selling food; or not-for-profits running food-related programs to improve food security, social inclusion and health in the community.

Currently, the CRFC is conducting a survey open to food-industry stakeholders and interested parties across the ACT region.

The survey has been designed to seek stakeholders’ views on

  • how best to structure the ACT’s food systems going forward to ensure that they are robust, sustainable and self-sufficient; and
  • what kinds of support these businesses need most in order to create and maintain such systems.

The idea is to gather input that will allow RDA ACT and CRFC to ‘design something that can really support a resilient, food-secure city’.

The information compiled through the survey will assist CRFC in helping food-industry participants from across the ACT region ‘in ways that will help you most – through grants, advice, connections and other initiatives designed to help you thrive’, the CRFC stated in Regional Development Australia ACT’s January 2021 eNews.

RDA ACT assures (and we can corroborate) that completing the online survey takes less than five minutes. The more stakeholders participate, the more likely it is that the outcomes will be useful to the region’s farming and food sector stakeholders.

So do set aside a few minutes to contribute your 10 cents’ worth.

Take the survey

To complete the online CRFC survey, click here.

Source:Regional Development Australia ACT