Government calls for input on ‘critical technologies’ in ag and health sectors

The Australian Government is consulting key stakeholders nationwide – including the Future Food Systems CRC – on the future of ‘critical technologies’ in the Australian agriculture and health sectors.

According to the government’s Critical Technologies Policy Coordination Office (CTPCO), critical technologies are current and emerging technologies with the capacity to significantly enhance or pose risk to Australia’s national interest, including our economic prosperity, social cohesion and national security.

‘Technological advances drive increased productivity, growth and improved living standards; but also have the potential to harm our national and economic security interests and undermine our democratic values and principles,’ notes the CTPCO.

The CTPCO is currently working to define and prioritise key critical technologies of national interest. As a first step, it is engaging nationwide, across all levels of government and with industry, academia and international partners.

‘Stakeholder engagement is a key success factor as the critical technology landscape is diverse and complex,’ its website states.

A better understanding of critical technologies in key sectors will help the Australian Government harness the opportunities these technological advances create, while minimising the risks they may pose to our national security and democratic, egalitarian way of life.

A series of workshops will take place throughout 2021 with sector experts across health, agriculture, energy and environment, communications, transport/logistics, banking and finance, and the defence industry. These experts will contribute insights and research findings on the benefits and risks of various critical technologies.

The Australian Government will use the stakeholder insights to help shape future government policy and decision-making.

It is also engaging with international partners to share knowledge and work towards joint goals in the critical technology space.

Get involved

Invited stakeholders – including partners of the CRC – can participate by responding to questions within the CTPCO’s agriculture and health discussion papers.

Submissions can be made via a Stakeholder Consultation Survey, or by written submission emailed to

Note that the window for stakeholder submissions closes at 5 pm on Friday 9 April 2021 (the Friday directly after Easter) so time is of the essence.

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More about the CTPCO

The Critical Technologies Policy Coordination Office (CTPCO) was established in the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet in July 2020. CTPCO provides coordinated whole-of-government advice on technology developments, opportunities and risks. It recommends actions to promote and protect critical technologies, considering national security, economic prosperity and social cohesion.

The CTPCO’s public narrative on critical technology, Protecting and promoting critical technologies for Australia, was released in December 2020.

For more information on the CTPCO and its work, visit the CTPCO webpage.


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