CRC project poster runner-up in 2022 AIFST Poster Competition

A Future Food Systems CRC project was runner-up for the People’s Choice Award in the 2022 Australian Institute for Food Science & Technology (AIFST) Poster Competition .

UNSW School of Chemistry student and CRC PhD scholar Rishi Ravenda Naik, with Profs. Yong Wang and Cordelia Selomulya, submitted the winning poster.

It detailed the hypothesis, methodology and findings of Naik’s PhD thesis, titled ‘Implementation of neural networks to predict process parameters in the ultrasonication-assisted Maillard conjugation of amaranth and seaweed polysaccharide’.

Posters for two UNSW projects involving CRC participants were among the finalists in the 2022 AIFST Poster Competiton. Credit: Courtesy of UNSW

UNSW School of Chemistry’s Woojeong Kim, Yong Wang, Qianyu Ye and Cordelia Selomulya also submitted a poster titled ‘Novel pea/whey protein complexes cross-linked by microbial transglutaminase for β-carotene emulsion stabilisation’.

The Poster Competition, part of the annual AIFST Convention, provides a space for scientists to present a summary of their recent work in poster form.

The challenge for entrants is to effectively condense their research while simultaneously communicating the scientific and commercial value of their work. The posters were judged on their originality, the quality of the research or review, the research approach, the scientific and commercial value of the subject matter, and presentation.

The AIFST thanked Rosewood Research, its ‘poster partner’ for 2022, and all this year’s entrants for their efforts.

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Lead image: CRC PhD scholar, UNSW School of Chemical Engineering’s Rishi Ravendra Naik, receiving the runner-up People’s Choice award in this year’s AIFST Poster Competition, part of the 2022 AIFST Convention in Melbourne. Credit: Cordelia Selomulya