Boom market for Reishi mushrooms: new report

Demand for Reishi mushrooms – and health supplements containing them – is set to grow by more than 8% per annum over the coming six years to around $6.58 billion, forecasts Allied Market Research (AMR)’s Industry Forecast for 2021–2027.

The projected growth in demand will be driven largely by consumers in Asia and boosted by those in the US, reports AMR. The predicted boom will be fuelled by several major consumer trends: growing interest in functional foods; increases in consumer spending and health consciousness; and a move towards buying sustainable foods and beverages – coupled with growing awareness of the many health benefits of Reishi mushrooms due to promotional efforts. AMR’s report also notes increasing demand for organically grown products with high nutritional value, forecasting a rise in adoption of organic Reishi mushroom products over the period.

Reishi mushrooms are high in polysaccharides, peptides and triterpenoids, dietary fibre, various minerals, vitamins B, D and K, and amino acids. Their numerous purported health benefits range from supporting the immune system and combating viral infections to reducing stress and fatigue, controlling blood sugar, and aiding sleep.

Source: Reishi mushroom market projected to hit €4.24 billion by 2027 I NutraIngredients