Our mission

The overarching mission of the CRC is to deliver science and technology solutions that contribute to the sustainability, nutritional performance and value-creation capability of the food sector. This mission is aligned with significant Australian Government strategic programs, including the Modern Manufacturing Initiative; the Food and Agribusiness Sector Growth Plan; and the export and regional development programs of Western Australia, New South Wales and the Northern Territory.


Established in July 2019, Future Food Systems Cooperative Research Centre partners leading Australian universities with industry and government bodies to deliver impactful research in the future food systems domain. Its mission is to develop smart, sustainable, resilient food systems that capitalise on Australia’s unique strengths, add value to our primary produce and shore up food security.

Why 'Future Food Systems'

‘Future food’ is our shorthand for categories of food that are differentiated by exceptional values for nutrition, environmental sustainability, safety and trust. Not only does Australia have capability to build global market share in these categories, we think consumers are increasingly demanding a future in which the food industry responds to these values. Systems technologies and ‘systems thinking’ are critical to increasing the efficiency and resilience of the food supply chain, nationally and globally.

Current partners

Our industry partners and projects span the food supply chain and include Australia’s largest horticultural groups, Costa Group and Perfection Fresh and major manufacturer Sanitarium Health Food Company, ambitious SMEs such as Varona Fine Foods, Mt Lindesay and Fable Food Co, digital innovators such as WBS and Escavox.

Government partners include the NSW, WA and NT departments of industry, Horticulture Innovation Australia, the Commonwealth Growth Centre for Food and Agribusiness (FIAL), and regional government entities at the centre of emerging food industry clusters in Gippsland, Coffs Harbour, Western Sydney, Canberra, Namoi and Peel, WA.

“Investment in high-tech, sustainable regional agrifood systems, co-located with rapid freight hubs, is central to reaping the rewards presented by domestic and Asian markets for value-added, provenance-protected healthy foods. Not just new technology but new partnerships, business models and true customer focus is key to future growth in our industry.”

Fiona Simson, Chair
Future Food Systems CRC