iChemE case studies showcase Australia’s chemical engineering successes

A collection of case studies, ‘Chemical engineering impact in Australia’ showcases solutions to priority challenges for Australia in energy, water, environment and health.

The case studies have been compiled by UNSW’s Professor Cordelia Selomulya, a dairy formulations expert, and Australia iChemE Research Committee member Peter Slane.

The collection, says Prof. Selomulya, “highlights the breadth and depth of chemical engineering, and demonstrates how the discipline is making real change for a better future for Australia”.

The authors hope the two-volume publication can become a resource that contributes to the public understanding of what chemical engineers do to help achieve “an equitable and sustainable future”.

Each case study provides context to the challenge being addressed, outlines how chemical engineers contribute and details the impact of the work with regard to social, economic and environmental outcomes.

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Volume 2: Chemical Engineering Impact in Australia Volume 2: Chemical Engineering Impact in Australia

Some research in this publication was conducted in response to the COVID-19 pandemic; other research shows how applying chemical-engineering knowledge can generate solutions in energy, water management, medicine, food technology and risk management.

Volume 1: Chemical Engineering Impact in Australia

This collection of case studies covers a broad array of activities from water desalination technologies, insights into sports injuries, innovations in solar energy and waste management.