New UNSW professor to champion cellular agriculture

Johannes le Coutre, newly arrived from Europe to join UNSW’s School of Chemical Engineering, is excited about his new role, working at the interface of medical, health, life science and engineering.

According to Prof. le Coutre, speaking with UNSW’s Engineering News, “There is a tremendous commitment at UNSW to play a key role in future food systems and production”.

The professor’s initial steps will be to build a team, then pursue research into cellular agriculture – cultivating foods including meat and vegetables in the lab, at the cellular level.

“Cellular agriculture is a rapidly growing area of research that aims to greatly modernise and invigorate our traditional agricultural methods, which often exhaust the land and use huge amounts of water. It is cellular agriculture that will enable us one day to eat meat without having to kill an animal,” Prof. le Coutre said.

“This is a really hot research field.”

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Source: Future food in focus I UNSW Engineering News