Tech-enabled supply chains boost food safety, security and sustainability

Part of making our food systems more sustainable lies in streamlining supply chains and finding solutions that minimise food loss en route from farm to fork. In this Food & Drink Business News blog, Morris Guest from global cold-chain logistics firm Lineage discusses the need for smart, technology-backed logistics to speed fresh produce’s path to market, along with smart packaging, refrigeration and transport solutions that improve food freshness and safety, keeping perishable goods cool and reducing or avoiding spoilage in transit and in storage. Innovations in these areas help the agrifood industry as well as all those keen to curb food loss and carbon emissions, says Guest. And with the expected exponential growth in demand for temperature-controlled foods from Asia’s rising middle classes, smart cold supply chain solutions will be needed in these markets, too.

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Source: Tech-enabled supply chains will drive food security, sustainability | Food & Drink Business News

Lead image: The Australian Government’s Food & Agribusiness Growth Centre, FIAL. has forecast that supporting businesses in realising the growth opportunity in transforming our agrifood supply chains will unlock $A31B in value-add and create an additional 56,000 jobs for Australians by 2030. Credit: Shutterstock