NSW grower saves surplus strawberries by making (a lot) more jam

This year, hit by a lockdown-related visitor drought from July through the August-September flush, grower Anthony Sarks, of Ricardoes Tomatoes & Strawberries near Port Macquarie, faced the prospect of having to ditch this season’s entire strawberry crop. Loathe to lose all that good fruit, Sarks turned to locals Monica and Eric Robinson for help. In under a fortnight, the Robinsons – who’ve been making award-winning jam from Ricardoes’ grade-2 berries for more than a decade via their boutique manufacturing firm The Other Chef – managed to turn a year’s worth of produce into 25,000 jars of strawberry jam. Now Ricardoes just has to sell it.

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Source: NSW strawberry grower makes 25,000 jars of jam to save fruit from waste I ABC Rural

Lead image: Peak harvest time is in August and September. Credit: Ricardoes Tomatoes & Strawberries