NESCAFÉ upcycles waste product to create brand-new beverage line

NESCAFÉ’s new line of beverages is made from the upcycled husks from coffee berries combined with native Australian botanicals

Typically, the cascara husks from coffee berries are discarded once the berries have been sun-dried and harvested. Instead, Nestlé brand NESCAFE takes this waste product and upcycles it to form the basis of a new line of caffeinated drinks. In the process, it helps reduce waste and provides coffee farmers in developing nations with a new source of revenue.

Coffee berries, drying in the sun; the skins of coffee berries, orcascava husks, are removed and typically, discarded. Credit: Irra/ Shutterstock

After brewing the cascara husks, the NESCAFÉ team infuses the base liquid with local ‘bush’ ingredients to create a refreshing, lightly sparkling, caffeinated beverage with floral and fruity notes’. Three varieties of NATIV Cascada are available: Classic, Lemon Myrtle & Pepperberry; and Kakadu plum. Each has a unique flavour and polyphenol profile and can be drunk alone or as a mixer.

The new beverages are made in Australia from 99 per cent Australian ingredients, using cascara husks sourced from Mexican and Bolivian coffee farms. They’re packaged in recyclable materials with paper labels.

“Over the past year, as Australian lifestyle habits and behaviours continue to change, we’ve seen people increasingly seek out food and beverage alternatives that have their own unique story and flavour,” said Martin Brown, Director – eBSM, Nestlé.

“So we’re thrilled to be leading the charge in this space.”

NESCAFÉ’s NATIV Cascara range is available in-IGA supermarkets across Australia and through

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Source: NESCAFÉ NATIV Cascara launches – infusing upcycled coffee berries and Australian botanicals in new beverage I Nestle