Why the future of farming is in cities: the big money in vertical farming

As the global population expands, the amount of arable land close to urban centres contracts, and climate change-induced weather extremes make outdoor farming even riskier business, growing operations are springing up in and around cities across the globe.

These high-tech vertical farms deploy hydroponics and aeroponics, on sites ranging from a London-based underground farm to a Japanese office block complete with its own pumpkin vines and rice paddy.

Big-name vertical-farming investors include Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Leonardo DiCaprio, Elon’s brother Kimbal Musk and former McDonalds CEO Don Thompson.

Companies featured in the video include AeroFarms, Square Roots, Plenty, Growing Underground, MIT’s Open Agriculture Initiative, Tokyo-based Pasona Group, Farm One, Bowery, Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods.

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Source: Why the Future of Farming is in Cities – The Big Money in Vertical Farming I Venture City