Sustainable ‘hyper-local’ vertical farm proves timely

Ag-tech start-up Sprout Stack runs Australia’s only commercial-scale vertical farm, growing fresh, nutritious salad greens in recycled shipping containers within Sydney’s metropolitan limits. And with the COVID-19 crisis disrupting supply chains worldwide, its sustainable ‘low-food-miles’ growing system is helping give this nascent company a much-needed competitive edge.

Far from shutting up shop in the face of COVID-19, Sprout Stack CEO Hugh McGilligan is keen to scale up the company’s existing facilities to handle growing demand, working with university researchers under the Future Food Systems CRC to create an expanded, even more efficient food production system.

In a recent article in Food&Beverage News, McGilligan talks about how his protected-cropping system compares to that of traditional outdoor vegie farming, what makes it so sustainable, and why vertical farms like Sprout Stack’s are likely to play an important role in feeding a growing global population going forward.

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Source: Easing food supply concerns I Food&Beverage News