Are solar PV arrays on airports, malls and factories a fast-track to zero-emissions status?

An RMIT research team led by geospatial scientist Dr Chayn Sun has found that siting large-scale solar PV arrays on the vast, flat roofs of large, open-air buildings such as airports, shopping complexes and factories enabled far greater power generation than siting solar panels on residential rooftops. Converting just 21 government-owned Australian airports to solar PV power, the researchers estimated, would:

  • generate up to 10 times the energy produced by 17,000 residential solar panels;
  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions by, potentially, 152 kilotons a year (equivalent to taking 71,000 cars off the road);
  • avoid the burning of 63 kilotons of coal;
  • enable the nation to reach zero-emissions status far faster; and
  • enabling these facilities to cut their power costs substantially.

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Source: Airports could power 100,000 homes if we covered them in solar panels I EuroGreen News