Takeaways from GFI’s Asia-Pacific Alternative Protein Summit 2020

The recently formed Asia-Pacific division of US-based global alt-protein non-profit The Good Food Institute (GFI) hosted its inaugural virtual summit on alternative proteins this year: watch the talk sessions, read the post-Summit blogs and don’t forget to sign up for ASAP2021.

The Good Food Institute Asia-Pacific (GFI-AP) kindly uploaded all seven of the public talk sessions from this first, Asia-Pacific-focused alternative-proteins Summit, ASAP2020, so if you’re interested in exploring this emerging food space but didn’t attend the Summit, you’re in luck.

We suggest starting at the beginning with the info-packed introductory session, featuring Bruce Friedrich, Founder & Executive Director of The Good Food Institute (GFI) and Elaine Siu, Managing Director of GFI Asia-Pacific.

Check out the introductory session below.

More talk sessions from the Summit

  • You Wish You Knew This Before Creating Your Asia Strategy (52 mins 9 secs)
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  • Business Case Study: From Zero to 8+ Asia Markets Entry (50 mins 36 secs)
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  • Investor Perspective: Making Sense of Impact Assessment for Alternative Protein Companies (51 mins 56 secs)
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  • Business Case Study: Farm to Table Beyond Your Wildest Imagination (55 mins 38 secs)
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  • Grown in Asia: Competitive Advantage in Diversifying Raw Materials for Plant-based Meat (52 mins 32 secs)
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  • Policy Case Study: The Real 800-Pound Gorilla Driving the Industry (56 mins 6 secs)
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  • Started in Asia: Shrimp, Fish, Dairy – Reinvented (11 mins 44 secs)
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Or visit The Good Food Institute’s Youtube channel to watch all the Summit’s public talk sessions (and more).

Post-summit blog posts

Read these two post-Summit blog posts summarising the event highlights and looking at the APAC alt-protein space more broadly.

ASAP 2020: An Industry Summit to Accelerate Alternative Protein in Asia (Part 1)

ASAP 2020: An Industry Summit to Accelerate Alternative Protein in Asia (Part 2)

Source: Alternative Protein Summit Asia-Pacific Summit (ASAP2020) I The Good Food Institute Asia-Pacific (GFI-AP)