Baker & Co is an Australian-owned company (based in Huntingwood in Western Sydney) which specialised in sourcing and developing staple and ground-breaking ingredients from natural raw materials, locally and from around the world for a range of products in the food & beverage, flavour & fragrance, cosmetic, personal care and pharmaceutical industries. They take pride in using only natural materials in their products. Currently their in-house manufacturing focuses on producing liquid-based flavour products and they rely on external partners (locally and internationally) to produce other types of products. They are in the process of expanding their site capability at Huntingwood to enable the production of some of the ingredients in dry / powder forms with longer shelf life and are easier for packaging and transport. To manufacture new products via spray drying, encapsulation to protect the core ingredients is necessary to protect from thermal and environmental damages during processing and storage, and to ensure that the powders have the relevant functional properties (flavour release, flowability, solubility, etc) for the targeted food application. Baker & Co will work closely with the research team at UNSW Sydney through an industry PhD project to develop new formulations suitable for spray drying of oil-based extracts for food applications. The outcomes of this project will enable Baker & Co to potentially develop a new product range of their flavour ingredients that are more suitable for the export market.