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Specialised food industry clusters

The NSW Farmers Association has set a goal to expand the contribution of farming to the NSW economy to $30 billion by 2030 (the ‘30×30’ goal). However, planning is required to identify and overcome on-farm limitations and identify opportunities to meet this goal. These limitations and opportunities are likely to exist across a range of areas relevant to both NSWF and FFS CRC.

Farmers are key participants in this planning process. Thus, a farmer-driven project is being completed to identify unresolved pain points and unrealised gains pre-, on- and post-farm that may limit, or drive progress towards the industry’s 30×30 goal. Through a survey, a series of farmer workshops and a design thinking ideation exercise, the project team is working to identify on-farm limitations and opportunities in NSW; consulting with farmers to assemble and evaluate ideas addressing these issues; and reporting on farmer-centric strategies that would help drive progress toward the 30×30 goal. This will contribute to relevant NSW Farmers planning and help accelerate the adoption of CRC program outputs in NSW.