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Specialised food industry clusters

Namoi Unlimited is a Joint Organisation (JO) of Councils in the most productive agricultural region of NSW. The project will deliver an industry database that geographically maps grain, beef, lamb and poultry businesses in the region along with the agri-commodities they produce, and a multi-criteria decision support tool to guide selection of locations for animal protein agribusiness development. The resulting database and framework will be used by Namoi local government economic development officers when supporting industry growth and investment attraction. The decision support tool delivered by the project will draw on the zonings and statutory rules currently being established for new intensive animal protein precincts by the NSW Government Namoi Job Precinct initiative. The Namoi Regional Job Precinct will focus on improvements in planning to support the sustainable growth of intensive agriculture and livestock production in the region and received funding of $1 Million in April 2021. Namoi Unlimited will facilitate provision of data from this initiative to the project.

Namoi Investment Prospectus: North West New South WalesAgricultural investment opportunities in the Namoi, NSW’s Northern Inland region, abound, thanks to the reliable volume of premium-quality agricultural output available. This provides the scale and continuity of throughput needed to support further processing and value-adding activity. This, in turn, ensures that a larger proportion of economic growth from agriculture can be retained in the region.ReportIndustry precincts, Path to market