In the current age where there is a significant push to digitally enable Australian agriculture, we lack the most fundamental baseline data, that being an accurate spatial measure of the location, area and associated grower information of all individual commercial crops grown annually.

Australian horticultural tree crop industries (Avocado, macadamia, citrus, olive and banana) have actively participated in the development of the ‘Australian Tree Crop Map (ATCM) Dashboard’ which addresses two of these needs, location and area of all commercial orchards over 1 ha.

This data layer, built to Australian mapping standards and freely available, has established a new benchmark on the adoption of industry wide spatial data through effective multi industry collaboration.

The project will take this mapping to the next level by collating industry information such as variety, planting date, management, productivity etc to each established orchard polygon. This collation of information will directly assist market access, traceability, biosecurity response, yield forecasting, carbon storage, regeneration and drought resilience, and will set a new standard for all other agricultural industries.