NutraIngredients Immunity webinar series

4-25 May 2021

Demand for immunity-boosting products is high among consumers across the developed – and, increasingly, in the developing – world. In its 10-episode webinar series, William Reed Publishers’ global digital publication NutraIngredients aggregates leading experts in this rapidly expanding agrifood sector to assess the existing scientific evidence, scope for new product development, opportunities for clinical research, and marketing and regulatory challenges across various regions.

According to Nutralngredients’ Gary Scattergood, “Immunity has been the hottest topic for supplement firms and suppliers in APAC this year, with heightened interest from consumers leading to sales of finished products soaring.

“Our immunity series will assess the opportunities for future studies and new product development across Asia-Pacific, spanning the microbiome, botanicals, active nutrition and clinical research, in order to meet this demand in an effective and responsible manner.”

The global series runs from 4 to 25 May, with specific broadcasts for the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, North America and the Europe, ahd the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

APAC webinars

There are three APAC broadcasts:

Immunity and Clinical Trials / Emerging Research

04 May 2021, from 5pm AEST (3pm SGT)


  • Dr. Amanda Rao, Founder and Principal Investigator, RDC Clinical;
  • Dr. Daisuke Fujiwara, Deputy General Manager, Health Science Department, Kirin;
  • Ankur Bhamu, Head of Sales and Business Development, TATA NQ;
  • Dr. Samuel JK Abraham, Head of R&D, GN Corporation (Japan); and
  • Dato’ Dr. Rajen Manicka, CEO, Holista Colltech.

Immunity and Botanicals

11 May 2021, from 5pm AEST (3pm SGT)


Immunity and the Microbiome

18 May 2021, from 5pm AEST (3pm SGT)


Registration and further information

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Note that it’s worth signing up for the series even if you’re unable to join live sessions: registered guests will be able to access recordings of all seminars in the series on demand after the live broadcasts.