Growth Asia Interactive Broadcast Series

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The series returns for 2021, building on its successful inaugural edition, in which 3,200+ industry delegates heard from representatives of big-name brands, leading academics, policy experts and suppliers. Again, the Growth Asia series is hosted by William Reed Publishing’s NutraIngredients-Asia and FoodNavigator-Asia, with events live streamed from Singapore over late June and July.

There’s vast potential for growth in markets for health and wellness product across the Asian region. Indeed, Asia is forecast to drive global growth, not only in food and beverage products generally, but in the functional foods and supplements sector.

In many Asian nations, incomes, urban populations and life expectancy all continue to rise. Consumer demands are evolving, due to these changes and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

That’s why the focus of Growth Asia 2021, say the organisers, will again be on ‘how the industry can best navigate the region’s highly diverse consumer, regulatory, cultural and economic landscape in order to reap these substantial rewards’.

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Healthy Ageing: Mobility and Cognitive Health

29 June 2021, from 5pm AEST (3pm SGT/Perth time)

In recognition of the immense public health challenges – and business opportunities – posed by Asia’s rapidly ageing population, the 2021 Growth Asia seminar series includes two episodes on Healthy Ageing (the second, on metabolic and digestive health, is scheduled for 1 July – see below). This event will drill down into the latest research, trends and products for conditions associated with mobility, including bone, joint and muscle health. Also, with cognitive health top of mind for consumers of all ages, we’ll also be debating the latest nutritional solutions to aid memory, mood, alertness, sleep, and relaxation.

Speakers include:

  • Dr Shan May Yong, neurobiologist and Principal Scientist, Bioefficacy and Bioactive Discovery at Suntory, assisting in the commercialisation of products from novel ingredient development to post-commercialisation product support, such as health-food claims and IP;
  • Douglas Paddon-Jones, the Sheridan Lorenz Distinguished Professor in Aging and Health within the Department of Nutrition and Metabolism at the University of Texas Medical Branch, whose research focus is on the regulation of muscle mass and function;
  • Dr Paul Clayton, a Fellow in the Institute of Food, Brain and Behaviour at Oxford University and former chair of the Forum on Food & Health at the Royal Society of Medicine in London; and
  • Dr Jin-zhong Xiao, Director of the Next Generation Science Institute and Technical Director of the International Division of Morinaga Milk Industry, previously engaged in research at the Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation and RIKEN, Japan, whose research focuses on Bifidobacterium and gut microbiota, and on the development of fermented foods.

Healthy Ageing: Metabolic and Digestive Health

1 July 2021, from 5pm AEST (3pm SGT/Perth time)

With many Asian nations battling obesity, diabetes and heart disease, this seminar puts the spotlight on the role played by the food, beverage and nutrition sector in helping to alleviate the various metabolic health conditions associated with this chronic lifestyle-related conditions. The seminar will also assess the latest developments in gut health, with the focus on how Asia’s flourishing probiotics and prebiotics sectors can confer benefits to digestive health and beyond.

Speakers include:

  • Professor Grant Brinkworth, a Senior Principal Research Scientist at CSIRO, who has a PhD in Nutrition and Exercise Science and more than 20 years’ experience leading large-scale clinical trials and multidisciplinary research teams evaluating the effects of diets, foods, exercise therapies, digital technologies and lifestyle interventions on human health, and physical and mental performance and function in healthy and clinical populations;
  • Michelle Lee, Regional Marketing Leader at IFF, with 20 years of experience in marketing, innovation and R&D in FMCG and B2B businesses, and whose current role is focused on identifying business growth opportunities and developing strategic marketing initiatives across various categories in Greater Asia; and
  • Christian Philippsen, Managing Director for BENEO Asia Pacific, a global leader in functional ingredients, who brings valuable industry knowledge, procurement expertise, analytical skills and a strong understanding of the Asian and European markets to the table.

Plant-Based Innovation

6 July 2021, from 5pm AEST (3pm SGT/Perth time)

Interest in plant-based alternatives across Asia shows no signs of slowing, as evidenced by the growing number of major brands, suppliers and trend-setting foodservice outlets continuing to ramp up investment. With Asia expected to be the world’s largest market for plant-based food, with $21 billion in global finished products by 2025, due to Asian consumer concerns around ethics, health and environment along with extensive product innovation. This seminar will look at how the sector can establish itself as a mainstream as well as a trending category.

Speakers include:

  • Dr Tunyawat Kasemsuwan, Director of Global Innovation at Thai Union Global Innovation Centre (GIC), a seasoned scientific officer and global executive with a track record of developing and commercialising innovative new products, ingredients and processes, who began his career with National Starch and Chemical, Thailand (now Ingredion) before joining Mead Johnson Nutrition as Research and Development Director Asia-Pacific;
  • Damien-Pierre Lesot, Head of Technical Developers at Roquette and with a postgraduate Master’s degree in Agriculture and Food Science, who leads a team of global technical developers helping food manufacturers transition to plant-based ingredients; and
  • Ronan Moloney, Vice President and General Manager for Food and Meat at Kerry Asia – Pacific, Middle East and Africa divisions, who brings in-depth and diverse experiences in operations, supply chain and commercial leadership roles to the discussion: currently, he’s responsible for growing Kerry’s Food and Meat end use markets in the APMEA region and is passionate about building businesses for sustainable long-term growth.

Healthy Snacking

13 July 2021, from 5pm AEST (3pm SGT/Perth time)

Increasingly, Asian consumers are eating several smaller meals spread across their waking hours, rather than adopting the conventional dining pattern of breakfast, lunch and dinner. This has led to a boom in the snacking market across the region. However, many consumers, dissatisfied with simple ‘indulgence’ or ‘convenience’, are demanding healthier options. Thus, opportunities have opened up for value-added ingredients that can be used to reformulate or fortify snacking products, and that can claim to be natural or ‘clean label’. This seminar will assess recent developments in all of the above, as brands look to cater to these emerging demands.

Speakers include:

  • Patrick Gantier, Asia General Manager for major snacking firm Mars Wrigley;
  • Martin Teo, Technical Director – Food Applications for the U.S. Dairy Export Council’s South-East Asian division, who gives technical support, project management and leadership to SE Asian food and beverage manufacturers innovating using US dairy ingredients, and was Regional Product Application/Innovation Manager for Goodman Fielder and Group Head of R&D for the Auric Pacific Group Ltd prior to joining USDEC; and
  • Salomi Naik, Head of Innovation at Ai Palette, a former Brand Manager and innovator who enjoys ‘helping brands unlock growth through consumer understanding from big data’ and before joining Ai Palette, worked in the food and personal care industry in the US and Asia with companies such as Reckitt.

Infant and Maternal Health

15 July 2021, from 5pm AEST (3pm SGT/Perth time)

The Asia-Pacific infant formula market is due to double by 2026, to reach $26.8 billion, with brands continually striving to find a competitive edge with scientifically backed and high-value ingredients. We’ll also be looking at the booming market for children’s supplements, particularly in China, as well as debating the latest understanding and opportunities around maternal health, in a region where many mums-to-be still experience key micronutrient deficiencies.

Speakers include:

  • Gregg Ward, Head of Danone’s Open Science Research Center and a graduate of UNSW Sydney, has 20+ years’ experience in food, nutrition and healthcare across the Asia-Pacific region, working for industry, governments and public scientific research institutions; prior to this, Ward was Danone’s Research & Development Director for the Asia Pacific region and Global Healthcare Nutrition Strategy Director, roles in which he developed and launched several leading specialised nutrition products;
  • Chyn Boon Wong, Research Associate for Morinaga Milk Industry, whose research activities into Human-Residential Bifidobacteria (HRB) and their new functional benefits translate into science communication and marketing-related activities regarding Morinaga’s HRB probiotics, is dedicated to ‘turning groundbreaking research into successful business opportunities’; and
  • Tamara Rausch, Global Scientific Marketing Manager, Advanced Lipids, at Early Life Nutrition, a nutritionist with in-depth knowledge of the physiological properties of health ingredients, particularly those pertaining to early-life nutrition; the composition of infant formulae that approximate the biochemical and clinical outcomes of breastfeeding; and most recently, of infant-formula ingredient compositions tailored for Chinese markets.