A thirst for solutions: Achieving water optimisation in cities

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Not merely a problem of scarcity, the water challenges cities face are complex―but solvable. Multiple solutions exist, from rainwater harvesting and desalination to nature-based infrastructure. Singapore’s Sponge City and the Amsterdam Dunes project show ‘what is achievable through careful planning, effective governance and smart use of technology’.

In The Economist’s ‘A thirst for solutions: Achieving water optimisation in cities’ webinar, water experts and municipal leaders will explore the policies, technologies and investments required to achieve water optimisation in cities. The jumping-off point for discussion will be the findings of The Economist Intelligence Unit’s upcoming water optimisation index, aimed at helping cities, municipalities and the water industry plan sustainable, water-efficient futures.

Agenda overview

Key questions to be addressed include:

  • What are the perceptions versus the realities of water scarcity?
  • What regulatory and policy changes do cities need to implement, and how can resources be mobilised?
  • How can cross-sector collaboration be achieved, and what is the role for businesses?
  • How can new technologies and data support more effective water management?
  • What can be done to encourage responsible water use by citizens and businesses, and how important are changes in attitudes and behaviours?
  • How can proven solutions be scaled up and replicated in other economies?


Speakers include:

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