Sustainable Landscapes and Commodities Forum

On demand (recorded sessions available until 30 November 2022)

This virtual business conference, organised by UK-based Innovation Forum, explored key issues in commodity supply chains and showcased real-world solutions to some of the most urgent and important challenges faced by agrifood supply-chain stakeholders. Discussion also covered forest- and nature-positive strategies en route to net-zero carbon emissions.

Tune in to the recorded conference sessions, available to all who registered for 12 months from 1 December 2021, to hear about best practices from industry leaders and get detailed, practical guidance on how to effectively implement policies.

Conference agenda highlights

  • Current landscape approaches: Which are already working, what can be learned from them, and what could be improved upon?
  • Scope III and the SDGs: a ‘joined-up’ approach to corporate procurement and its potential positive impact on the future of commodity sourcing.
  • ‘Transformational change’: What does this mean, in practice, for key commodity landscapes?
  • Forest-positive: What the shift from ‘less harm’ to ‘more good’ looks like.
  • Market access for smallholders: How sourcing companies can drive impact.
  • Landscape and forest restoration: Success stories in this space, and the role of sourcing companies and suppliers.
  • Sustainable rural development: Can direct sourcing deliver on corporate SDG targets?
  • Farmers as partners: Producers, farmers, smallholders and processors tell attendees what they need.
  • Communicating complexity: How brands can educate marketing teams and engage consumers in sustainable sourcing.
  • Regenerative agriculture: How do implement it, then measure, monitor and count the benefits?
  • Farmer productivity and income diversification: The role of brands in improving livelihoods for smallholders and communities.
  • KPIs count: Defining measurable outcomes on supply-chain engagement by 2025, via Key Performance Indicators?
  • Cross-industry collaboration on landscape approaches: Why mining, agriculture, power and other industries can begin real collaboration.

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Speaker line-up

This year’s speaker line-up includes representatives of UK supermarket chain Tesco, major confectionery brand Mars, Dole Foods, Conservation International, Reckitt Benckiser and health-food firm Natura.

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More information and registration

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