Solutions for new plant-based dairy alternatives

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The plant-based trend is now mainstream. This means that morefood manufacturers – including those that, until recently, produced dairy products exclusively– are looking to add more plant-based offerings to their line-ups.

But how does a company ensure that its plant-based products stand out on retailers’ shelves stocked with an array of similar-looking nut and oat beverages and non-dairy alternatives to traditional yogurt and cheeses?

This hour-long editorial webinar, hosted by William Reed Publishers’ DairyReporter, explores the latest in plant-based dairy alternatives, looking at what’s new, what’s making alt-dairy end products better and what is appealing right now to end consumers.


The speaker panel consists of:

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The webinar was conducted on 29 July but is available on demand; anyone who pre-registers can access the recording.

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Lead image: Plant-based alternatives to dairy, such as oat and nut-based milks, are the topic of discussion at this free webinar. Credit: Oatly