AMGC webinar series: 10 ways to succeed in Australian manufacturing

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The Australian Manufacturing Growth Centre packaged the findings of its latest research report into a 10-part webinar series covering the post-COVID-19 pandemic terrain. Topics include everything from leadership and collaboration to embracing technology and planning for change.

More than 200 manufacturers a week registered to hear the findings of the federal government’s Australian Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC) latest research report, packaged into a series of 10 virtual events held between September 2020 and February 2021.

Divided by topic, the hour-long webinars explore new ideas and ways of operating, using Australian manufacturing success stories as illustration.

Panellists represent the spectrum of manufacturing, including small and medium sized businesses and large national manufacturers, and representatives from regional and rural Australian manufacturing companies as well as centrally located firms. Most of the webinar panels also include a university or research partner.

Insights from these webinar participants, notes the AMGC, include ‘real-world steps they have taken to achieve success, and the lessons they have learned along the way’.

The series demonstrates the collaborative nature of Australia’s manufacturing industry, exemplifying the thesis that when ‘one manufacturer succeeds, the entire industry is strengthened’.

Watch the webinars

The 10 Ways to Succeed in Australian Manufacturing webinar series is structured according to topic. Watch them in order, or pick and choose.

Webinar 1: Recognise Australian manufacturing’s strength

Webinar 2: Focus on leadership

Webinar 3: Plan for change

Webinar 4: Network and collaborate

Webinar 5: Work with research institutions

Webinar 6: Adopt technology

Webinar 7: Access capital

Webinar 8: Hire the right people

Webinar 9: Build your workforce and culture

Webinar 10: Extend your market reach

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Access recordings of the full series and other videos related to Australian manufacturing via AMGC’s YouTube channel.

All videos are time stamped, so viewers can navigate easily from one question or discussion to the next.