In this report, the EAT-Lancet Commission presents an integrated global framework and provides quantitative scientific targets for achieving healthy diets and sustainable food production globally.

The report makes a convincing case that feeding 10 billion people healthy food produced within safe planetary boundaries by 2050 is ‘both possible and necessary’; and that universal adoption of a ‘planetary health diet’ would help us avoid serious environmental degradation, preventing around 11 million human deaths per annum.

Achieving this goal, however, will require ‘no less than a Great Food Transformation’, the report states.

In its conclusion, the report’s authors call for ‘widespread multi-sector, multi-level action’

  • a substantial global shift toward healthy dietary patterns;
  • large reductions in food loss and waste; and
  • major improvements in food production practices.

‘The data are both sufficient and strong enough to warrant immediate action,’ the report states.

‘Food will be a defining issue of the 21st century. Unlocking its potential will catalyse the achievement of both the SDGs and Paris Agreement.’

‘An unprecedented opportunity exists to develop food systems as a common thread between many international, national, and business policy frameworks aiming for improved human health and environmental sustainability.

Establishing clear, scientific targets to guide food system transformation is an important step in reali[s]ing this opportunity.’

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