Exploring human food clinical trials

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Organised by, this free, on-demand webinar takes an inside look at randomised controlled trials (RCTs) in the nutraceuticals industry with the operations, data and quality managers at Atlantia.

The first step in product differentiation of functional foods, beverages, probiotics or medicinals is proving their health benefits via reputable clinical trials. This is especially important given recent increases in regulation around of the marketing of functional foods and associated health claims in many countries.

Most official standards bodies view RCTs as the ‘gold standard’ for scientifically substantiating claims about products. In this informative webinar, managers from Atlantia Food Clinical Trials, a full-service contract research organisation (CRO) for the functional foods, nutriceuticals, probiotics and live therapeutics markets, discuss the process of conducting RCTs and their importance in differentiating products in the increasingly competitive alimentary and nutraceuticals sector, a market expected to reach a value of US$300,000 million (AU$458.2 million) by 2022.

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