Virtual fireside chat: byFlow’s Nina Hoff

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Nina Hoff, with her background in business and management, was a natural to take on the role of CEO in family-owned, family-run start-up byFlow– an innovative business specialising in 3D printing technology for the food industry.

Join Forward Fooding’s Alessio D’Antino and Nina Hoff as they discuss the future of food; 3D printers for the food and beverage industry; and innovative ways to prepare and enjoy food, printed and otherwise.

3D-printed chocolate garnish, courtesy of byFlow’s Focus 3D Food Printer. Credit: byFlow

About byFlow

In 2015, Nina’s brother Floris Hoff, who’d recently been accepted into business accelerator program Startupbootcamp HighTechXL, showed her his self-developed 3D printer and asked if she’d be interested in joining him in a start-up. Right away, the management graduate saw a business idea in the product, founding byFlow four weeks later with Floris and their father.

Fast-forward five years, and byFlow has cracked the 3D food-printing market wide open with its first product: a 3D food printer known as the Focus 3D. The company is currently selling its product to catering companies, high-end restaurants and bakeries across the Netherlands and beyond.

The Hoffs’ overarching mission to change the way food is prepared and experienced and contribute to a healthier, more sustainable world.

About Forward Fooding

Forward Fooding is a global network of entrepreneurs that helps facilitate collaborations between start-ups and established food organisations, working with companies of all sizes to explore ‘how entrepreneurship, collaboration and investment models can be used to create a more sustainable future of food’. Its wider mission is ‘fostering food innovation to redesign our food system’.

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