Planning through Unimaginable Times

On demand

This free hour-long webinar from the Chicago-based Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM), available on demand, could save you and your supply chains time and money down the track.

Learn about ‘threatcasting’, how augmented S&OP practices can help your supply chain business move forward now, and how you can identify – and recover from – threats yet to come.

The discussion covers topics including:

  • innovative risk-management strategies;
  • the importance of coordinating, collaborating and information-sharing, nationally and internationally;
  • methods for assessing key sources of vulnerability; and
  • how to devise creative plans for the future.

Guests contributing to the Planning Through Unimaginable Times webinar are Brian David Johnson, ‘futurist in residence’ at Arizona State University; and Anthony Zampello, CPIM, CIRM, CSCP, an adjunct faculty member at Bentley University, Massachusetts, one of the US’s top business schools.

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