This division provides a raft of services to farmers and agricultural stakeholders across the state, including regionally focused R&D findings, management guides, information and advice pertaining to:

  • winter, summer and forage/fodder broadacre crops;
  • horticulture, including pome fruit, stone fruit, berries, citrus, grapes, melons, nuts, olives and olive oil, tropical fruit, vegetables and other horticultural crops, as well as horticultural pests, diseases and post-harvest management, gross margin budgets, irrigation technology, drought resources and protected cropping;
  • pastures and rangelands, including native pastures, silage and hay, with information on pasture establishment and management; species and varieties; and suggested pasture mixtures for different areas of NSW.
  • farm budgets and costs, including gross margin budgets for cotton and livestock, farm cost and on-farm management information;
  • agricultural water management, including irrigation and irrigated farm modernisation; water quality and testing; dams and storage, watering livestock and maintaining clean coastal catchments;
  • soils, including fertilisers, amendments and testing; soil types, structure and condition; soil biology; soil carbon; soil acidity; acid sulfate soils; sodic soils; salinity; soil erosion; and the Australian Inoculants Research Group;
  • agricultural chemicals, including animal chemicals, vertebrate poisons, pesticides, and fertilisers;
  • animal diseases; and
  • land use planning.

The DPI’s Agricultural division also provides laboratory services and advises on agriculture-related export and investment. Its data and research services are of immense potential value to NSW-focused CRC projects.


Further information

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