WSU Research Week symposium: Innovation in Sustainable Food Production

Friday 29 Oct 2021, 1-3pm AEST

Part of Western Sydney University’s Research Week, this two-hour online symposium will explore the potential of various emerging  technologies, including RT sensors, remote monitoring, cloud-based computing, and innovations in pollination and pest management – to help farmers produce more with less environmental harm.

The context

Enabling sustainable food production to meet the demand of the world’s expanding population is one of the most critical challenges confronting researchers in the 21st century. Increased agricultural production must be achieved against a background of greater variability in extreme weather events, water scarcity, and the need to conserve our natural environment and biodiversity.

A key part of this challenge is increasing farm productivity while making the most efficient use of natural resources, particularly the optimal use of available land and water.

Technological advances have the potential to help growers achieve greater productivity and higher efficiency; however, uptake of these technologies is often limited by the high cost of new systems and by the limited internet connectivity of farms.

Symposium agenda

In this symposium, five experts will explore the potential of a range of emerging technological solutions, including real-time sensor networks, remote monitoring of crops and cloud-based computing, to improve sustainable food production in Australia.

They’ll also examine innovative approaches to pest management and pollination services that are the focus of current research initiatives at Western Sydney University.

Further information and registration

The webinar is scheduled to take place online, via Zoom, on Friday 29 October from 1-3pm AEST. It is part of Research Week at Western Sydney University, running Monday 25 through Friday 29 October 2021.

Note that although the webinar is free of charge, pre-registration is essential.

For more information about the event, contact Brendan Choat, Associate Professor and Research Theme Champion (Environment and Sustainability) at WSU’s Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment, via email at

To register, click here.