Western Sydney’s Aerotropolis to gain an integrated logistics hub

A recent scoping study commissioned by the Western City & Aerotropolis Authority (WCAA) has confirmed that the cutting-edge Integrated Logistics Hub it plans for the soon-to-be-built Aerotropolis will be ‘a game-changer for the agribusiness, trade, import and export industries of the Western Parkland City’.

An integral part of the Aerotropolis’s Agribusiness Precinct, the Logistics Hub will connect to the curfew-free Nancy-Bird Walton (Western Sydney International) Airport, and deliver ‘a multi-modal supply chain solution for the Aerotropolis, Greater Sydney and regional NSW’, notes the Authority in a July 2020 news release.

The Hub’s land to air-side linkages will provide ‘safe, secure and seamless connectivity to domestic and international markets for inbound and outbound freight’, states WCAA, enabling produce to travel from farm to (foreign) fork within 36 hours, and to APAC markets in under 10 hours, boosting global competitiveness.

Next steps are developing and creating a state-of-the-art, digitally-enabled facility to enable the rapid distribution of high-value products.

Along with the Integrated Logistics Hub, WCAA plans to develop:

  • an Integrated Intensive Production Hub to support ‘production and value-adding of sustainable, high-quality fresh produce and pre-prepared consumer foods’;
  • a Food and Pharma Hub, a major fresh-food distribution point; and
  • The Australian Centre of Excellence in Food Innovation, ‘an industry-led powerhouse in food science, tech, engineering and math’.

View the full WCAA study here.


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