Podcast series: Medicine made for you

The Conversation UK’s fascinating three-part podcast series explores various aspects of the trend towards personalised medicine.

Part 1, recorded on 19 February 2020 and titled These scientists are using DNA to target new drugs for your genes, focuses on precision medicine, an emerging field gaining traction across the globe that looks at customising pharmaceuticals, nutriceuticals and cosmeticeuticals for individuals.

Part 2, How personal will nutritional advice become in the future? recorded on 25 February 2020, focuses on diet – and the likelihood that soon, health professionals may look to your phenome to ascertain the most suitable foods for you.

Part 3, From 3D printing drugs to social prescribing, recorded on 3 March 2020, looks to the forms personalised medicine might take in coming years. (Read more on the topic in Fast Company: ‘The Future of Pills is personalized and 3-D printed just for you‘.)

All three podcasts feature experts Annabel BlighGemma Ware and Holly Squire, contributors to The Conversation

Source: Medicine made for you I The Conversation UK