Pea protein to Asia: a versatile, plant-based, nutrient-dense ingredient for product innovation

With the launch of its versatile pea protein powder Radipure, global food giant Cargill extends its reach into the burgeoning Asian market for healthy, plant-based, high-nutrient ingredients.

Developed and manufactured in Asia, Radipure is a high-protein, low-allergenic, non-GMO powder made from dried peas (legumes). Cargill claims it’s an exceptionally adaptable ingredient, ideal for use in new product formulations due to its neutral taste and high solubility. It can be incorporated into a broad array of products, including dairy foods, baked goods, ready-to-drink beverages and meat substitutes

The company based its latest foray into plant-based proteins for the Asian market on data showing strong recent growth in consumer interest across Asia in healthier foods, including alternative proteins, with a 27 per cent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in the Asian market for plant-based proteins over the past five years.

Radipure extends Cargill’s existing range of plant-based proteins tailored to the Asia market, which also includes GluVital™ (a protein derived from wheat flour) and soy protein.

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