Supporting waste-to-value solutions to foster sustainable growth

The NSW Government launched the NSW Circular Economy Innovation Network (NSW Circular) in 2019 ‘to solve problems, create pathways to markets, and foster innovation through a more sustainable approach to design/production, use of resources and recycling of waste to create value’.

What does it do?

NSW Circular brokers projects and fosters collaboration among local and state government bodies, industry, research organisations and communities aimed at surmounting barriers to adopting circular economy solutions. The network has several functions, notably:

  • connecting key stakeholders, via workshops, forums and events involving movers and shakers across supply chains, waste streams and regions, encouraging them to find shared solutions to waste problems in NSW;
  • collaborating with ‘local champions’ through pilot projects that demonstrate potential solutions to waste and showcase circular-economy benefits; and
  • communicating, by sharing information about NSW-related best practice, case studies and initiatives that involve adopting circular-economy solutions.

How can it help?

NSW Circular offers:

  • advice and guidance on circular economy initiatives;
  • access to expertise around materials recycling in the fields of design, production and science;
  • access to independent commissioned research and analysis capabilities;
  • case studies and solutions for various materials; and
  • useful connections with leading researchers, materials supply chains and end users.

What projects is NSW Circular involved in?

NSW Circular is currently engaged in several collaborative pilot projects to help deliver localised circular economy outcomes and solutions. Find out more here.

Further information

For more information on NSW Circular and how your organisation can become involved, visit the network’s website.