New geothermal temperature-control system for greenhouses is wallet- and eco-friendly 

The Ecoloop™, a compact geothermal temperature and humidity control system, uses the ground’s steady temperature to regulate the internal temperature of closed-loop greenhouses, reducing energy costs by more than 60 per cent compared to traditional HVAC systems, claims its creator, Colorado, US-based company Ceres Greenhouse Solutions.

The system’s apparent advantages are many:

  • It can heat your sealed greenhouse on cold nights and cool it on hot days.
  • It can de-humidify the interior to a comfortable 40 per cent – with the air moisture it removes recycled to irrigate the crop.
  • It doesn’t hog the space (or block the light) in your greenhouse.
  • It boosts your growing operation’s green credentials as it’s classified as a renewable energy (geothermal) system.

It’s energy-efficient; it recycles water; and it’s cost-effective. What’s not to love?

Source: Ground-coupled heat pump system to heat, cool and dehumidify greenhouses I HortiDaily