Melbourne-based company Made Group secures juicy Japanese export deal

Ascertaining a gap in one of the world’s most sophisticated and competitive beverage markets, Australian manufacturer Made Group acted swiftly in a bid to fill that gap with its ‘Impressed’ range of cold-pressed juices.

When preliminary sleuthing identified that the firm’s products could, potentially, fill a gap in the Japanese market, Made Group Export Manager Phil Roberts approached Austrade to conduct preliminary research. The findings were convincing: “We found the Japanese cold-pressed juice market was at least five years behind the Australian market,” Roberts told Austrade in July 2021.

“Japanese consumers are currently paying top dollar for cold-pressed juices. There was a gap we could fill: we could offer cold-pressed juices that are available on the shelf and at a similar price to a regular juice.”

With Austrade’s help, the Dandenong, Victoria-based company secured a distribution deal for its ‘Impressed’ range of cold-pressed juices. The company’s fresh, healthy beverage range is now available across Japan, after the company secured a deal to distribute its products in supermarkets and convenience stores.

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Source: Made Group lands juicy deal in Japan I Austrade

Lead image: Australian company Made Group’s Impressed range of cold-pressed juices is now available to consumers across Japan. Credit: Made Group