Independent Australian milk supplier pivots swiftly to rejig supply chain

The COVID-19 crisis is forcing food suppliers to adapt: a case in point is Riverina Fresh, which has moved quickly to turn obstacle into opportunity.

The company, independent dairy partner to 5,000-plus cafes across Victoria, New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, had to seek out alternate sales channels fast after stage three government restrictions ‘forced the shutdown of thousands of hospitality businesses overnight’.

‘Discussions with supermarkets began, and within 72 hours, Riverina Fresh had expanded its retail footprint with a selection of its milks on the shelves of 180 Woolworths stores in Victoria and 100 per cent of stores in NSW and ACT, bypassing the backlogged distribution centres in Victoria and delivering direct to store with its refrigerated trucks,’ states a recent story in Food&Beverage News.

After seizing the opportunity created by widespread panic-buying of milk to forge a deal with major supermarket chains, Riverina Fresh pivoted to help its food-service clients stay afloat.

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Source: Riverina Fresh pivots supply chain in 72 hours after lockdown comes into effect I Food&Beverage News