Genentech and a ‘new era of personalised health care’

In this longform article, Politico’s David Himmel interviews Dr Mark Lee – scientist, medical oncologist and global head of Personalized Health Care, Product Development at Roche and Genentech, on the future and practice of personalised healthcare.

San-Francisco-based Genentech, an offshoot of Swiss multinational pharmaceuticals-diagnostics giant Roche, has ‘helped lay the scientific groundwork for personalised health care’.

Himmel describes personalised healthcare as going ‘beyond the one-size-fits-all approach to treating patients by considering each individual’s unique clinical history, genetics, and biological makeup to determine the best path of treatment, …[leading] to better patient outcomes with fewer negative side effects’.

Genentech now hopes to use the prodigious stores of data, digital health tools and sophisticated analytics approaches now available to improve individuals’ access to ‘life-altering, biomarker-driven therapies’, opening the door to safer, more effective medical treatments for all.

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Source: Powering a New Era of Personalized Health Care I Politico